Epithelial healing is considered a complex and dynamic process in which the cellular structures and damaged tissue layers are replaced with healthy tissue. The process can take a very long time to occur depending on the degree of damage and the depth and extent of the wound. Some of the most common wounds occurring in the epithelial tissue are burns, ulcers and skin infection. The slow process of recovery is accompanied by long stages of pain and discomfort that need special care of the wound with high cost treatments procedures. Dr. Eduardo Álvaro Galue developed a novel biomaterial formulation that accelerates tissue growth and provides patients with a rapid recovery. He needed an automatic delivery device for applying his technology that was able to atomize the biomaterial without negatively affecting the results


The automatic spraying system was designed to utilized the same compressed air source for both the atomization of the particles and for delivering two biomaterials at the same time when triggered or activated by the user. Bioana performed design iterations based on the results of the computational fluid dynamics, analyzing the behavior of the fluid inside the device and the characteristics of the effective spraying area and droplets size. The formulation divided in two cartridges is sprayed simultaneously with an automatic method triggered by compressed air flowing through an inner circuit within the device, allowing the system to be easily handled by any physician and enabling the treatment to be delivered uniformly on the patient´s skin.


The device developed for Dr. Eduardo Alvaro Galue, allowed the effective application of his technology for skin lesions treatment. The approach was focused in delivering an homogeneous distribution of the cellular material and providing a very thin atomized cellular layer for an incredibly faster skin recovery



“Bioana team, you guys are simply amazing. Thanks so much for all your team’s hard work on this. We remain impressed beyond measure.”

Mark Lee

CEO, Ocumetics

"Our experience with Bioana had been outstanding. Their commitment, eye for detail, punctuality, proactivity and understanding manufacturing principles, workflow, quality and resourcefulness has been beyond our expectations."

Frank Harder

CRO , Bolb Inc.

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