Low-Volume Prototype Production

Bioana’s facilities have the necessary equipment and capabilities for rapid prototyping at every step of the development process. We can quickly and cost-effectively deliver prototypes with essential functions in low-volume for concept testing, customer feedback, material selection, benchtop performance testing, process testing, and/or clinical testing allowing your device to get to market faster. 

Prototyping is essential to ensure that the product delivers on 3 main priorities: 

  1. Product must be functional/effective and safe to the user 
  2. Product must be cost-effective to manufacture
  3. Product must be built with quality and in compliance with regulatory standards

Whether you are in the early stages of concept development or in final production we can create the prototypes you need for that stage: 

  • Alpha prototypes to test form and fit (dimensions). Usually not completely functional and made from rapid prototyping methods such as 3D printing / Casting.

  • Beta prototypes to test functional designs and manufacturability processes. These are generally created using more refined manufacturing techniques and inexpensive tooling in order to confirm design, engineering and manufacturability. 

  • Pilot production prototypes that closely resemble the final product and how it is produced. They have the exact design, packaging and material specifications and use them for verification and validation testing. The custom low-volume production is capable of bridging the gap between prototype and quality product allowing it to get to market faster and with less risk. 

If you are already in Design Freeze you can send us your files and specifications in order to set up and run a pilot production batch of your device for a seamless transition into formal production. 

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Test it first, then scale

3D CAD Modeling

Mechanical Design
3D Scanning
3D Modeling (SolidWorks and SpaceClaim)
3D Model Rendering
Design Optimization
Design for Manufacturing

Simulation and Finite Element Analysis

Engineering Analysis and Optimization
Material Characterization
Mesh definition and refinement
Structural Analysis
Fluid Dynamics Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Electrical and Electromagnetic Analysis


3D printing FDM
Plastic Injection Molding
CNC Machining
Laser Cutting/Engraving
Ultrasonic Welding



Bioana is supported by

ANSYS Startup Program

Prototyping Equipment

Injection Molding BOY XS (10 ton)
Injection Molding Medium Machinery (5 ton)
Dukane Servo-automatic Ultrasonic Welder
Dukane Hand Held Ultrasonic Welder System
3D Printer CuboProTrio
3D Printer Witbox 2
CNC 3-axis
Milling Machine Roland MonoFab
Laser Cutter/Engraver
NextEngine 3D Scanner

Testing Equipment

Dimensional Inspection Digital Microscope
Universal Testing Machine
Force Gauge
Torque Gauge

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“Bioana team, you guys are simply amazing. Thanks so much for all your team’s hard work on this. We remain impressed beyond measure.”

Mark Lee

CEO, Ocumetics

"Our experience with Bioana had been outstanding. Their commitment, eye for detail, punctuality, proactivity and understanding manufacturing principles, workflow, quality and resourcefulness has been beyond our expectations."

Frank Harder

CRO , Bolb Inc.

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