Concept Development

Taking an idea from a napkin sketch all the way to a finished medical device is quite a challenge. At Bioana, in order to successfully overcome challenges, we like to take it one step at a time. It all starts in the Concept Development phase, where initial ideas or even problem statements are transformed into feasible concepts. How do we do that?

First our product design engineers will help you define the technical, regulatory and business requirements that help set the design space of your idea. Then, through brainstorming sessions, concept sketches, early CAD, rapid prototypes and proof of concept testing we iterate the concepts until we narrow it down to the one that meets all criteria including customer needs. 

After we reach the final concept, we now can enter the planning stage of the Development, which is very important to define the resources, responsibilities, involved parties, budget, timeline, risks and design inputs for the product development. 

If you have an idea for a medical device, but you are not sure of where to start, let us help you

Visualize your ideas and solutions

• User Needs Definition 

• Brainstorming and concept generation

• Sketches

• Physical mockups and concept models

• Proof of concept prototypes and testing 

• 3D CAD, rendering and animation

• Requirements Definition (Design Inputs)

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“Bioana team, you guys are simply amazing. Thanks so much for all your team’s hard work on this. We remain impressed beyond measure.”

Mark Lee

CEO, Ocumetics

"Our experience with Bioana had been outstanding. Their commitment, eye for detail, punctuality, proactivity and understanding manufacturing principles, workflow, quality and resourcefulness has been beyond our expectations."

Frank Harder

CRO , Bolb Inc.

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